portrait with doll

Group portrait of girls with dolls, Kumasi, Ghana, ca.1910

Creator unknown.

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I am happy to report that this is my first post from my office at Saudade.

Continuing my series of Portrait with Doll, I had to especially highlight this one amazing photograph that I found here. This picture was taken during a Methodist mission in Ghana, Africa and is from the early twentieth century. After studying it closely I noticed that the dolls are caucasian in nature, as well as the women and children´s clothing. Also, their hair styles were intended to straighten the kinkiness of their natural hair. Even the way they are carrying the dolls is not usual. For me this (and this may sound dramatic), is an incredible historical documentation of a part of our humanity.

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ana lebre disse...

Congratulations and thank you! :)

Suzi disse...

Mary, that's so nice to hear! Things are mooving on fast paced aren't they? As soon as you notice, you'll be making the "premiere" of Saudade with lots of friends hugging you.

Hug to you and Luis.