by Luís

Today, I am posting pictures by Luís of Saudade. The second picture which is distorted is him taking the picture through old glass which has imperfections, thus creating this effect. The other is an iron door which we had handmade in Oporto copied from a design we liked from a door in Torres Vedras (in the historical center).

This weekend we will be "working" on details for our place and then a small dinner for 6 in Sintra on Easter Sunday. Two years ago I spent it with my father in my grandmother´s village. Happy Easter. Boa Pascoa.

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maman xuxudidi disse...

Gosto de ver estes velhos espelhos que distorçam o que o olhar teima em querer ver:)
Saudade, tu es linda!
Feliz Páscoa

ana lebre disse...


Flora Maria disse...

Passei por aqui para desejar-lhes uma muito feliz e doce Páscoa.
Com carinho
Flora Maria

Marta Mourão disse...

happy Easter!