Highlights of Christmas 2008.

The all night on duty security guard´s reaction (outside the town hall treasury department..which is near our home) when we went to talk to him and wished him a Merry Christmas at 11pm Christmas Eve. Breakfast on Christmas morning... (we went looking for the only open for business café in Sintra)..... the reaction of a young gentleman (well known to people who live here) with psychiatric problems to the owner of the café when he gave him a sweet dessert and the tough love with which the owner talked to him about getting a shower and haircut. He told him that it was a priority for both of them very soon.

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Anónimo disse...


a big Xmas hug for you and Luis****

mansuetude disse...

Merry Christmas. Love the post!

Anónimo disse...

Mary have your tea house acquired any of these ?

they are amazing

saloia disse...


yes we will be ordering from them soon.


Tita Carré disse...

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Anónimo disse...

gosto da forma como vivem os momentos da vida e dão importância ao importante.
Beijos, saudades e um 2009 cheio de coisas boas da vida