leaves falling

Thousands of leaves falling and thousands of little silver pieces passing through my hands...thread and needle once in awhile.

A Folk Art Image a Day

Harriet Powers

Antique Quilt Geometry 101

I love winter in New England

The Tannenbaum Collection

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zeliaevora disse...

Ah já tinha saudades dos eus posts:)

Tereclopes disse...

Consegues sempre surpeender-me com os teus posts, que lindos todos eles.
Muito obrigada e continua por favor.

Olga disse...

It is late, late here. Noak just called for me in his sleep. It is the most beautiful sound hearing him call for mamma!

So your leaves are finally falling in Portugal. How does that feel? Longing for New England?

Thanks for your links! Liked that tannenbaum-fabrics.

saloia disse...

it must be the most beautiful sound!

well there are things I really really miss from New England...but i am better now than I was before :)

The tannenbaum collection reminds me of those winters!


Olga disse...


Eira-Velha disse...

Por onde andas rapariga!
Não te tenho visto:(
Bom fds

Frances disse...

Olá Mary! This is a gorgeous picture. While I do understand your missing the first snows of New England (me too!), seeing these silvery leaves falling in Sintra is not so bad ;-)


PS> I sent your care package a week ago, let me know when it arrives (I insured it)

saloia disse...


There are breathtaking moments here too, yes!

hugs for you and my package is in the mail too!