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hydraulic cement wall in Sintra

Yes, Alix maybe?

I have been looking at fiber and textile collections on line. Here are just a few sites and personal favorites.

From the textile collection of The Art Institute of Chicago:





Musée des tissus in Lyon,France.

Fiber at the Mingei (which means "art of the people" in Japanese).

Post Script: Thorne Miniature Rooms

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O L G A disse...

The No1 is my favourite. I´ld like to wear that! Thanks dear detective Pereira!

saloia disse...

me also!

saloia disse...

I just chose more at random because I love them all really!

Alix disse...

Yes I think so!

More jewels from your treasure hunting. Thank you

Uschi disse...

me also!!!Nr 1!! What about sewing one the pattern is not so difficult ;)
Thanks Mary for these beautiful links!!