tive visitas

Maria left already.

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O L G A disse...

Your grandfather?

maria antunes disse...

Que querida. Tenho saudades desse tipo de visitas, bem-vindas. Acontecia muitas vezes quando a minha avó era viva. Imagino que ai seja igual.

daniela disse...

que linda, ainda anda rija:)

saloia disse...

muita rija :))

O L G A disse...

Ohh, sorry for what I wrote. I see now, watching her clothes that... this person can´t possibly be whom I first thought. I feel so dumb. Sorry!

saloia disse...

oh please :)

I had actually given her a haircut the week before and everyone said I cut it too short!ºº

and cuff is a bracelet worn on the wrist. it is escrava in portuguese..usually a rigid bracelet..see the difference ?