Hi Friend

I always start my email to Fatima in London like that...

today I asked her:

.....On a scale of 1/10 how tacky/cheesy do you think I am?

You are so cheesy that you are off the scale! ;) Are you going through a period where you don’t think you are tacky enough??

Thanks, just checking.

cheeseball hugs for you...

7 comentários:

Laney disse...

You're a sweet and kind cheeseball and that is all the matters!

MimiK disse...

too funny! :-)

O L G A disse...

Oh, isn´t it wonderful to have honest friends?!


Ki disse...

It's amazing when our friends say exactely what they think about us... Amazing and sometimes terrible.

I like your space and work. Good week tou you too.

Anónimo disse...

Gosh, I thought I was being nice! I better not say what I really think then. ;)


Barão Van Blogh disse...

"Dei voltas no ar meu corpo rodopiou
Num raio de luz intenso e deslumbrante"

Deixo o convite para visitares o meu humilde albergue .

Boa semana .

saloia disse...

thanks friends!