the Sunday paper

Every Sunday we have the Boston Globe newspaper delivered to the house. The news content is reader worthy but it is the more than 20 store inserts advertising the weekly sales that clutter the morning breakfast table. Before living in Portugal I did not think anything of it but now I see that it is a bit exagerated. It is funny this observation but this time in America again, living and working and observing is special in that I am developing a different appreciation of both my countries. I love both of them and yet feel I belong to neither of them. What I am trying to say? I think it is just something that has to do with living in two very different cultures, simultaneously.

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Anónimo disse...

I hear you! I know what exactly what you mean...fatima

Sandra Pereira disse...

«Eu tenho dois amores, de qual eu gosto mais?...»

saloia disse...

:DD hahah Sandra,

isso mesmo!

thanks, Fatima.