Romaria d´ Agonia

It is over today the most beautiful festival in Portugal which happens in Viana do Castelo. How is it possible that I never went to it in all of these years!? To dance the traditional and pimba dances of the bailaricos is fun and I don´t care if there are crowds and alot of confusion. I love the people from the Minho region. The embroidered vest is from the days when I danced in a traditional portuguese dance group. ...next year! :) http://www.festas-agonia.com/

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Living Place disse...

Qunado vivia no Porto, lembro-me de ter ido a Viana nesta altura. Ficou-me a imagem das mulheres todas cheias de filigrama.

Sandra Pereira disse...

AAii Saloia Minhota...(e Bostiniana e Sintrense)

saloia disse...

abraços e bjs