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Portuguese cotton chita is my favorite printed fabric. Last year, I made a a bag. My last three dolls are dressed in chita. The mixing of fabric is definitely inspired by Rosa. I hope that the current fashion of chita is here to stay.

My thanks (a late one) to a favorite flickr photo sharer, Hippyxic for all her beautiful handmade gifts.


Around this time a year ago, I was in Boston, more specifically, Norwood for a six week stay with my family. Two highlights from the trip are the blizzard in which I flew in and actually had to spend the night and the next day in Montreal, Canada. The other was a car/train day trip with my mother to New York City to see The Gates. It was a cold, blistery Sunday and the city was filled with people all of them, it seemed, walking towards Central Park. Everyone it seemed, drinking one of these in a paper cup. New Yorkers walking their dogs all dressed in little knit sweaters, (the dogs, that is). The park was covered in snow and the saffron Gates were blowing around. (Miss you, mãe.)


So my last four dolls actually have homes. She is living in Lisbon. They are going to America to live with Sara and Lucy, my sisters. Sara is 39 weeks and expecting my third nephew any moment now. He has alot of presents so this is especially for her. How time passes. Because I was doing my maternity rotation for school, I was in the delivery room with her when Diogo was born almost eight years ago. Since I had to see a number of deliveries, my instructor allowed me to be with her. One of the best experiences of my life. The blue doll is for Lucy, the young sister, elegant and wild eyed, rebel of the family ;). Anyway, if you read my goofy descriptions of these dolls you know that they will be happy in the states!

And finally,my favorite of my last four dolls goes to one of my favorite persons.

7 comentários:

Sandra Pereira disse...

Lindo gesto.
Mas a tua "vó" ser uma das galardoadas é uma das coisas mais ternas e doces que já vi(as "vós" é que fazem bonecas de trapo para as netinhas ;)).
Beijo minha doce Mary.

As Musas disse...

Ai ai ai a doce mary.....

saloia disse...

:DD deve ser de comer muita goiabada! mas do que eu gosto mais é de chocolate amargo ;)

Luisa disse...

Como dever ser dificil para ti estares assim separada da tua família com todo um mar pelo meio...E que tal é comparar New York com Sintra????
Felicidades para o novo bébé que está a chegar.

sonia disse...

querida may, que bom que deve ser ver as nossas criacoes a partir! escolhi-te para uma correntinha, a dos "5 hábitos estranhos". le no meu blog. (espero que não te importes)

Rodrigues disse...

I miss New York so bad...

Que lindas prendas, Mary!
A tua família tem sorte em te ter. :)

saloia disse...

thanks Rosa :)* and thanks Luisa!