For awhile now I have wanted to photograph the horse and chicken that I drive by when I go to our mason to buy, in this case this morning, a stone step. The objects remind me of ones also made by a self taught sculptor from near my grandmother´s village in Minho, Portugal. In his front yard one can spot the Statue of Liberty (he was an emigrant to the United States), a huge lion, an elephant and the like. All with very stylized forms but very intriguing. I have not had the courage to photograph his but I have seen some of his pieces in other gardens in the main town and one can identify immediately that it is his work.

Today when I went to photograph the horse and chicken, sitting on the wall was a human like figure and I was pleasantly surprised. The gross shape of the figure, its expression and chipped red paint delighted me. I wonder who made them?

The fascinating stone gardens of Nek Chand.

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maman xuxudidi disse...

Estou a ficar muito triste:( Deixaste de vez a lingua portuguesa de lado?

saloia disse...

não...exprimo.me melhor em inglês e o Luís que habitualmente me corrige os erros de português agora está com muito falta de tempo :)

Roberta Granada disse...

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