adornos e finuras*

I love everything about Christmas....This year I made the time to get material for a wreath and small twig tree. No lights for the tree but maybe next year, if all goes well. It is the same wreath that I made a few years ago and just hangs around in the messy garden. Wreaths are one of my favorite decorations at Christmas time. To make things even more right, I must rent this film which I have not seen in over ten years at least!

Inspiration for my rodilhas.

This is what a rodilha is.

I think it is fun that somewhere in East Asia my rodilhas are inspiring Christmas decorations(mine are the red and blue dots and the green with the postcard that Mimi gave me). I am still finding this referral in my blog statistics.

*Title (Adornos e Finuras) is inspired by reading some of Rocha Peixoto´s, Complete Ethnographic Works, words found in the section on the filigree process. Will be part of the titles we use for our tea house, Saudade!

6 comentários:

Marta Mourão disse...

Mary, adorei o resultado final das rodilhas. Nunca pensei que aqueles retalhos pudessem transformar-se em objectos tão bonitos!
(Gostei especialmente do facto de teres aproveitado a ourela do tecido Africano).

saloia disse...

thank you Marta!


Yara Kono disse...

Adoro a tua árvore "adornada". x

Suzi disse...

TUDO lindo Mary!!!!!

saloia disse...

obrigada :)))

Virgínia disse...

Acho que conheço aquelas riscas cor-de-rosa...!