a bench in Portugal


I have so neglected my most favorite blog...mine :). I am a week away from going to Macau and am looking forward to seeing Vanda, Fred and Sofia. Thanks for visiting and leaving such nice comments. (Suzy, all is well and my grandmother of 97 is a little more frail than usual but she will be coming August 11.) I am happy. (Frances, I like the idea of a book on my very superficial and artesenal way of looking at Portugal :). Luís and I are working on an exciting project that I will share with all of you later in the summer. For now, I will be updating before I leave and perhaps from Macau as Vanda and Fred and Sofia our hosts have the equipment necessary.

I leave you with some portuguese música and a portuguese exposition I would love to see.

Mary, a saloia

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Anónimo disse...

Não vou perder a exposição. Há algo que me comove sempre. Sinto que encontro uma herança preciosa ao olhar para estes fragmentos de vidas e de tempos. Fiquei feliz por saber que a Mary gostou do link que em tempos deixei no Terra Saloia. Xana

saloia disse...

adorei Xana e mais pessoas também ...beijinhos


mansuetude disse...

an excellent photo!

Suzanne disse...

Obrigada Mary, pelo update da Maria! Manda-lhe um beijinho e diz-lhe que os teus friend bloggers estao com muita vontade de a ver! Beijinhos*

P.S. - Essa foto est'a linda!

d e a r disse...

So good to hear you talk, my dear! Exciting going to Macao! May you all have a GREAT time!!! I can´t wait to hear what project you and Luis are working with. Could it be that TEA-house perhaps?
I am pulling my hair, trying to finish a portrait before I can relax and do something fun with my family as for a vacation.

Be well!