imigrante romena


S. Pedro de Penafarrim

Primeiro vi-a à janela. Tinha a minha maquina comigo e perguntei se podia tirar uma fotografia. Ela deve ter desconfiado de mim e deixou a janela. Percebi bem porquê. Eu era uma estranha. Depois devido as circunstâncias tive que estar a espera do Luís perto do nosso caro, estacionado junto à casa dela.

Foi quando ela saiu com a cadeira dela para sentar-se ao sol quente. Perguntei outra vez se podia tirar a fotografia dela. Percebi que ela não falava português e por isso não tinha percebido o que eu lhe tinha pedido. Tirei a minha maquina e pedi outra vez. Desta vez ela sorriu e percebo que sim, posso. Salta o meu coração. Please, please que saiam bem as fotografias, pensei eu.

Falamos em codigo...«nora dormir....Romenia....dore na perna», um periodo de silencio e depois um adeus.

I first saw her at her window. I had my camera with me and asked if I could take her picture. She became doubtful and left the window and I didn´t blame her as I was a stranger.

I was waiting for Luís near our car parked in front of her house and she appeared with her chair to sit out in the warm sun. I asked her again if I could take her picture and then realized she did not speak portuguese. I took out my camera and motioned and asked again and she smiled and nodded a yes. My heart jumped. Please, please let the pictures come out decently I think.

We talked in code....«daughter in law sleeping....Romenia....pain in my leg», then a period of silence and then a goodbye.

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Olga disse...

And several turned out well!
There are so many beautiful people here in my subvurb. Many Somalians in pretty colors that looks like queens! But I dare not to photograph them I have asked some but got a "no"... I´ll keep trying :)

Congratulations Mary to your ceautiful pictures!

saloia disse...

thank you Olga...

It was a privilage for me to take them


saloia disse...

and yes do keep trying!

Alix disse...

a perfect short story. and a short photo, if such a thing can exist.

sara aires disse...

Once I had a similar episode. I was traveling from Porto to Leiria. Always crocheting all the way... and a russian lady sat next to me. She was an imigrant too. We talked for three hours. She showed me pictures, her house (hut), her teenaged kids... At that time I was making a piece for photography about my favorite theme: people and relationships.At the end of our journey, she was delighted, and so was I. We took pictures of each other, together... but only after she combed her short (very short) hair.
Anyway, I find it very awkward to ask people for a portrait, but too rude not to do so. Wow! Sorry for the big comment... ;)

oxhill disse...

emociante esta pequena história!

Anónimo disse...

Gosto muito da foto que também está no Flickr, e do encontro e comunicação que afinal se fez sem problemas.
Se me ponho a falar do que penso não me calo, depois conto-te...

saloia disse...

ok Sandra :)

Sara...good to see you :)

thanks Alix e Gisela