beautiful things

The above picture is a patchwork hand-pieced of family clothing at the white house in Sweden by Olga Magnusson. It is so beautiful.

I have this quilt together but the quilting part is giving me some questions I need to answer.

This photograph.

Patchwork ritual Egungan masks.

Textile design by Sonia Delaunay.

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Alix disse...

lovely-lovley quilts. That one from the American Memory site, by Donna Choate was exactly one what had caught my eye - and such an incredible portrait photo.
And the New York Public Library stuff O O O- I want to bless you and curse you - so wonderful and yet I can see hours sent exploring whilst Ruben waits unwashed and unfed....oh dear

saloia disse...



O L G A disse...

That American picture (and quilt) was great! Much soul there! And yours is beautiful, Mary!! What an honor to be mentioned here, my dear!

saloia disse...

I thought you would like that portrait Olga!

The honor is mine!!

Laney disse...

great images Mary...you have a way of taking and finding photos that have such soul in the eyes. The one of the American couple took my breath away. Can't wait to see what you come up for your quilt.Log cabins are some of my favorites. Thanks for the new link to find cool photos of folk art.