um arco

em Vila Nova de Cerveira este verão.

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Gisele Schoene disse...

E' lindo!

O L G A disse...

Looks like happy people made this!
Soo beautiful! Is it something typical... or one of a kind?

How is your camera doing? You had a similar one to mine. I´ld have a hard time living without mine...

saloia disse...

querida Olga

this is a typical "arch" one will find in traditional festivities of course decorated in different ways. I am not sure of the origin (something more to research) but I have fond memories of decorating them also in my grandmother´s and cousins villages during summer holidays :)

I need a camera fast! :DD there are only so many past pictures I can post and make it interesting!!



obrigada e bemvindo :)

O L G A disse...

In midsummer we rise "midsummer-poles" decorated with green leaves and flowers wich we dance around all night. Selebrating midsummer used to be my favorite festivity. This arch reminded me some of our midsummer-poles. Only so much more beautiful!