Thanks, Lucy!

I love my new scarf that you sent me. It goes well with my silver pin with faux pearl by Hilda. And one of my most favorite pins in the Susie collection. Happy New Year to you all spending New Year´s Eve on Cape Cod! Lucky !

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Sandra Pereira disse...

Ambos 3 objectos lindos, mas nada como as pregadeiras da Susie collection.

belezatornasol disse...

Mary & Luis!!

Happy New Year!! Hope you find yourselves happy & safe this evening. We did not go to the Cape. Jed & I are going over a friends house in a few hours and will celebrate the passing of the old and into the new year together. I'm glad you liked your scarf, hopefully Luis liked the shirt & hopefully it fit. Talk to you soon. Your blog looks great!!

HNY!! 2006 here we come!!