publicidade em postal das maquinas Singer

de 1892

Feita pela J. Ottman Lithography Company que eram situados no Puck Building, em NYC.



Today I found a swallow at home and since it cannot take flight from a stationary position I picked her up...we talked a little and then she flew free. Thank you for your visit little one :)



Pano desenhado por Etsuko Furuya do Japão, dos quais namoro há meses. Acho um dos panos mais bonitos e comprei na Retrosaria.

Para uma blusa de verão.


imagining ourselves

I like stories...oral, written, pictures, on paper, stone, or stitched in fabric, on the radio, those I imagine and those that someone will think of, write and share .

Stories of Imagining Ourselves shared at the International Museum of Women.

Estórias bordadas por **Maria Barraca** no Museu da Guarda.

have a good weekend


scraps, calef brown and woman carrying

For this patchwork I am going to use small sample scraps as well as the larger ones with color names such as anis,cilantro and lila. The samples are from a Spanish textile company. Putting it together will be a challenge. I hope I finish it this year!;) It will not be a quilt but a patchwork blanket so it may be a little easier ( I doubt it), the key word being maybe.

Via Book by Its Cover I discovered the amazing Calef Brown.

Rosa sent me this link of amazing photograph(s) of women carrying coal and knitting at the same time and today I received an email from Sheep Street Yarn Shop where I bought some Manos yarn when I was in Boston a couple of summers ago and through them I found Brittany Needles with another woman travelling and knitting at the same time.

Patricia sent me this wonderful link of a photograph by Boubat of portuguese women carrying baskets of flowers and other amazing links of photographs. Wonderful and inspiring :) Precious photographs ....thanks to you both!

by Luís :)



doll story

..and are you the little bird that would awaken me by singing when I was a little baby?

...yes, my turtle dove....

...now I remember why I love you so...


taking stock

log cabin quilt

log cabin patchwork blanket

bars/blocks/scrap quilt

commercial remnant samples cotton/linen solids patchwork blanket

work in progress

progress in work

in work, progress