woman; observation

1. Women Grinding Paint, Calcutta Date ca. 1845 Unkown Artist, Unkown School

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

2. Women cooking, [1860 - ca. 1900].

Henry and Nancy Rosin Collection of Early Photography of Japan.

The Smithsonian Institution

3. Four Hopi women making bread.

Edward Curtis 1868-1952

The Smithsonian Institution.

4. Women washing clothes at riverbank. Early XX century, Espinho, Portugal.

Women making, doing, sharing together. It made us stronger, I think.


arte popular

imagens tiradas de:


Revista Portuguesa de Arte e Turismo

Número 33 Ano V 1948

Capa de Paulo Ferreira (Pintura Mural no Museu de Arte Popular, Belém.)


A propósito da crónica da Catarina Portas hoje no Público, O museu assassinado, lembrei me que queria há algum tempo publicar esta capa e artigo da revista Panorama sobre a abertura em 1948 do Museu de Arte Popular de Belém. O museu fechou em meados dos anos 1990. Lembro- me de visitar o museu numas ferías e o quanto adorei.

Ainda bem que haja alguma visibilidade pública a respeito deste tema. Precisamos de não esquecer daqueles artigos que se encontravam no museu e que agora, segundo a Catarina Portas, estão a hibernar nas catacumbas do Museu de Etnologia em Lisboa. Deve ser possível procurar sitío para expor esses artigos neste seculo XXI para serem vistos, admirados, estudados e dar lhes a dignidade merecida.

Onde posso assinar a petição!?.....ou começar o grupo de amigos do museu??!!

Um dos meus sites de museu de arte rural preferidos encontra-se na Romenia.

American Folk Art Museum.

e Museum of International Folk Art em Santa Fé, New Mexico.

SANTOS OFICÍOS A loja da qual eu mais gosto em Lisboa.



For awhile now I have wanted to photograph the horse and chicken that I drive by when I go to our mason to buy, in this case this morning, a stone step. The objects remind me of ones also made by a self taught sculptor from near my grandmother´s village in Minho, Portugal. In his front yard one can spot the Statue of Liberty (he was an emigrant to the United States), a huge lion, an elephant and the like. All with very stylized forms but very intriguing. I have not had the courage to photograph his but I have seen some of his pieces in other gardens in the main town and one can identify immediately that it is his work.

Today when I went to photograph the horse and chicken, sitting on the wall was a human like figure and I was pleasantly surprised. The gross shape of the figure, its expression and chipped red paint delighted me. I wonder who made them?

The fascinating stone gardens of Nek Chand.


bits and pieces, here and there...

1. An Intricately and Beautifully Pieced Silk Komebukuro: Nineteenth Century Silks. From Sri Threads found via Rosa.

2. Bag (Pocket) early 19th century, American or European.

3. Detail of Bag (Pocket) early 19th century, American or European

4. Bag (Pocket) early 19th century, American.

5. 2 Bags, 1 Pocket,(Algibeira) and rodilha. 2007, Portugal.

by Saloia

6. 2 Bags (taleigo). Mid 20th century, Portugal.

by Saloia

My search of things I like continues. I have found the internet to be a wonderful tool for exploring my passion of fabrics, woman, dolls, pictures. I am a nurse by profession and so I am by no means an expert in these things and that which pertains to ethnography, anthropology and history. I have made a very simple generalization (and thus my amateurness). There are things that are universal. Woman carrying baby, woman carrying loads on her head or back, woman making together (yet another post), adornment, and here sewing little pieces of fabric together to make carrying vessels for work, adornment or offering. I may sound naive when I write this, but these things fascinate me. There is a code inside of us humans that bonds us together, that makes us do things the same but in different ways. Human ways in bits and pieces and here and there. We are not so different after all.

(...or maybe I am just very, very tired from all that painting:).


I miss this saloia space.

Thank you very much Rosa for my inclusion in your yearly nominations of favorite pictures here. I loved taking the picture of your beautiful doll.


portrait with doll :: doll portrait

Dutch Children.

Ellis Island, c.1905.

New York Public Library.

The Studio Photographs of Malik Sidibé.


Portrait of a little girl in a check dress holding her doll and a basket of flowers.


Unknown photographer.

The National Gallery of Australia.

Little Portuguese Girl with doll and bouquet of flowers.

Private collection of Luís Pereira.

early XX century.

Another interest that is slowly growing for me is photographs and artwork which contain portraits of children or adults with dolls or images of dolls themselves. Above are some I have found in my research online. I also leave you with a link to two images of children´s illustrations of a child with a japanese doll found at the wonderful archives of the University of Florida´s Baldwin Library of Children´s Literature.