It came in the mail a little felt stocking with the colors of cream and moss. No return address, just mine, a stamp and some color of blue. I think I know who sent it, a blogger, and someone who visited me at Saudade. She goes by the same name as my grandmother of 98. Whoever it is, thank you.

Last night on the way to seeing Avatar, Luís related that in Amadora there once existed a small store with a gentleman who repaired umbrellas and how it was fun to see all the different umbrellas hanging on the walls and from the ceiling. I thought about it and imagined how it would be neat to write a story about that little store and the person who fixed broken umbrellas.


da Nazaré

Uma joia este livro, descoberta minha no melhor alfarrabista do Porto. O Trajo da Nazaré por Abílio Mattos e Silva contém lindas illustrações de tipos da Nazaré, assim como esquemas para fazer as peças dos trajes.