Azulejos do Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro na Saudade.

Tiles by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro at Saudade.

Dear Friends and Readers:

Sou ruim :) e apanhei um bichinho ruim e ganhou ele e agora tenho uma pneumonia. Mas isto passa depressa. Entretanto vou estar ko uns dias e provavelmente não responderei a emails e comentários.

Quando voltar conto vos mais um bocadinho sobre esta colcha de retalhos e como a nossa primeira instalação para uma exposiçaõ na Saudade vai incluir as lindas mantas de retalhos da minha amiga Dª Sara Lourenço de S. Pedro de Sintra. Até já!

I have caught a nasty virus and now the virus won and I have a pneumonia. But this will pass soon. For now, I will be ko for a few days and will not be answering emails or comments.

When I return I will tell you a little more about this quilt and how our first exposition at Saudade includes the beautiful patchwork blankets by my friend Dª Sara Lourenço from S. Pedro de Sintra. See you then!


smaller scale

Desde do princípio, uma das nossas ideias para a Saudade era que queriamos mesas para gente mais pequenina. Pensamos numa sala só para eles mas depois pensamos melhor e fomos com a ideia de por mesas ao lado daquelas destinadas para os mais grandes. Mesas para brincar, beber chá ou leite achocolatado, para conhecer novos amigos e conversar.

From the beginning we have always wanted a space for smaller people at Saudade. We thought of a seperate room but instead thought better. Tables for toddlers amongst the adults. Tables for playing, drinking tea or chocolate milk and meeting new friends and conversing.


by Luís

Today, I am posting pictures by Luís of Saudade. The second picture which is distorted is him taking the picture through old glass which has imperfections, thus creating this effect. The other is an iron door which we had handmade in Oporto copied from a design we liked from a door in Torres Vedras (in the historical center).

This weekend we will be "working" on details for our place and then a small dinner for 6 in Sintra on Easter Sunday. Two years ago I spent it with my father in my grandmother´s village. Happy Easter. Boa Pascoa.


portrait with doll

Group portrait of girls with dolls, Kumasi, Ghana, ca.1910

Creator unknown.

Click on image for enlargment.

I am happy to report that this is my first post from my office at Saudade.

Continuing my series of Portrait with Doll, I had to especially highlight this one amazing photograph that I found here. This picture was taken during a Methodist mission in Ghana, Africa and is from the early twentieth century. After studying it closely I noticed that the dolls are caucasian in nature, as well as the women and children´s clothing. Also, their hair styles were intended to straighten the kinkiness of their natural hair. Even the way they are carrying the dolls is not usual. For me this (and this may sound dramatic), is an incredible historical documentation of a part of our humanity.


Saudade- Vida e Arte do Povo Português

Dear Friends and Readers....

Só uma pequena mensagem para vos dizer que estamos quase prontos, depois de um ano a planear, a trabalhar e a preocupar nos com o nosso projecto, A Saudade. Só precisamos de mais um papel burocrático para poder abrir, mas está quase. Finalmente realizamos um sonho em que criamos um espaço para conhecer gente diferente de todo o mundo e também para nos conhecer mais a nós próprios. Nas próximas semanas farei mais "posts" sobre A Saudade para partilhar esta última etapa antes de abrir ao público. Obrigada por partilhar este último ano connosco e pelo apoio que nos deram.

Hello! This is just a quick post to tell you that our project for a tea house, gallery, and shop called Saudade-Vida e Arte do Povo Português (Saudade- The Life and Arte of the Portuguese People)is almost ready to open after almost a year of planning, working, and stressing. We only need one more bureacratic paper to open and hopefully it will be soon. Finally, we have made a space where we can meet people from all over the world who visit Sintra and we have an opportunity to know ourselves a little more as well. In the following weeks I will post about this last chapter up until we open to the public. Thank you for sharing this with us and for the encouragement you have given us over the last year.

Mary and Luís