Highlights of Christmas 2008.

The all night on duty security guard´s reaction (outside the town hall treasury department..which is near our home) when we went to talk to him and wished him a Merry Christmas at 11pm Christmas Eve. Breakfast on Christmas morning... (we went looking for the only open for business café in Sintra)..... the reaction of a young gentleman (well known to people who live here) with psychiatric problems to the owner of the café when he gave him a sweet dessert and the tough love with which the owner talked to him about getting a shower and haircut. He told him that it was a priority for both of them very soon.


adornos e finuras*

I love everything about Christmas....This year I made the time to get material for a wreath and small twig tree. No lights for the tree but maybe next year, if all goes well. It is the same wreath that I made a few years ago and just hangs around in the messy garden. Wreaths are one of my favorite decorations at Christmas time. To make things even more right, I must rent this film which I have not seen in over ten years at least!

Inspiration for my rodilhas.

This is what a rodilha is.

I think it is fun that somewhere in East Asia my rodilhas are inspiring Christmas decorations(mine are the red and blue dots and the green with the postcard that Mimi gave me). I am still finding this referral in my blog statistics.

*Title (Adornos e Finuras) is inspired by reading some of Rocha Peixoto´s, Complete Ethnographic Works, words found in the section on the filigree process. Will be part of the titles we use for our tea house, Saudade!


O Respigador

No artigo Quanto menos, melhor.

RevistaÚnica, Expresso.

Texto da Raquel Moleiro, fotografia de Jorge Simões.

O Luís participou num artigo escrito pela amiga e vizinha, Raquel Moleiro. O tema da revista esta semana foi "abrandar" e fala do "vício" (amor) dele de recolher especialmente móveis das demolições ou "lixo". Um vício que teve como resultado, o facto de nenhuma peça de mobiliário que temos em casa fosse comprada como nova.


a flor inesperada

artigo da revista Fugas

Na revista Fugas do jornal Público de Sabádo veio na secção "Natureza" um artigo sobre a flor lilás do que o meu pai falou na nossa caminhada à serra da aldeia em Outubro.

Açafrão-bravo nas serras de Paredes do Vale